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"Our Dad is in good health but is in need of some help since Mom passed on".

     CareProviders New Mexico can assist Dad for a few hours a week with laundry and light housekeeping or simple companion services as Dad adjusts.


"Both Mom and Dad seem to be fine but I am concerned should an unforeseen event occur and I'm not close by". 

     Now is the time for you and your loved ones to experience how CareProviders New Mexico can assist during life’s transitions. Before the shock of an event, or even with an event, CareProviders can provide peace of mind on short notice and with our Family portal, keep you informed.


"Mom needs help but she's concerned about who she lets into the house and their access to her valuables". 

     CareProviders New Mexico performs extensive background checks, aptitude testing, and skill training. Additionally, each of our caregivers is bonded and Insured.


"We live out of state and have concern that Mom is being charged for hours the caregiver is not there. Some days, she is unsure when the caregiver arrives or leaves". 

     CareProviders New Mexico uses its proprietary Seque2Health system for accountability and billable time. At the beginning and conclusion of each shift both telephony and GPS confirms arrival and departure times. Additionally, the client electronically acknowledges the CareProviders task notes.


"Dad suffered a heart attach, he is currently hospitalized and will be discharged soon although diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure). Where to start?

     CareProviders New Mexico has several programs and services designed to help with transitional care, clinical collaboration, and on going in-home care. Our Condition Specific Programs helps reduce hospital readmissions, connect everyone on the care team easily in a HIPAA compliant environment within a single point of care contact structure enabling lower cost and demonstrable improvement of outcome.


"We've thought about a nursing home or assisted living facility for our Mom but we're concerned with how she'd react to such a dramatic change. We would prefer she stay in her home for as long as possible, although financial considerations may make this discussion". 

     CareProviders New Mexico specializes in assessment beyond clinical care. Financial, behavioral, environmental (physical home), social, and general well being are just as critical as clinical conditions.

I am grateful to the CareProviders team for recommending I start early with their services. My father took a period of time to acclimate to the presence of a caregiver. When a sudden event occurred with my mother, he was already familiar with CareProviders New Mexico and their available services. Do we need to change to another home health agency now that mother has taken ill?  

     CareProviders New Mexico has several programs that assist our clients with providing their loved ones the best in care. Our Transitional Care and FlexCare programs can lower costs and improve the outcome for Mom while providing continuum of care for Dad.

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