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Basic Self Defense Skills for Seniors

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Sadly the fact is that seniors are often seen as easy targets or victims. But it doesn’t have to be the case. While nothing is a substitute for a genuine self defense class for seniors (check with yourSenior-Care-Farmington-NM local community organizations to see if one is offered) there are a few things you should talk to the seniors in your life about if you are at all involved with elder care.

The primary recommendation for seniors, as it is for everyone else, is to trust their instincts. If they have a gut feeling about something or someone, they shouldn’t be afraid to either remove themselves from the situation or get help. It is often said that the best defense is not being there.

Another tip is to use the buddy system. If they are going out to a public place, they should go with someone else whenever possible. First of all, being in a pair makes it less likely they will be targeted. Secondly, there’s someone else there who can be a witness, call for help, and keep getting attention.

Park with the driver’s side door facing the entrance of wherever they’re going. Under a light is better than in the dark if you’re going to be leaving after dusk. And if using a valet for parking, make sure to give him/her only the car key. A valet key ring that has the car key and nothing but that is a great idea. At no point should the valet have any access to any other keys because copies can quickly and cheaply be made and with a VIN number an address can be found.

Keep the car doors locked. Except when someone is actively getting in or out, the car should ALWAYS be locked. It only takes a second for someone to jump into the car because the doors were open.

If confronted and asked for a purse or valuables, take them and throw them as far as possible to the side of the attacker. It will distract them and hopefully give your senior time to escape and get help. A purse is not worth fighting for.

Don’t open the front door to someone just because they ring the doorbell. If they are a stranger, they can talk through the door or leave any marketing materials for the senior to review later. Sadly, many of these door to door sales are scams and take advantage of seniors’ good hearts.

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Ron Baca, Founder and Director

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