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Caregiver Awareness: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Everyone has things in their past that they would rather forget but that continue to affect them throughout their lives. When these issues were particularly traumatic and there are lingering Caregiver-Farmington-NMmental health consequences that have a serious impact on your life, however, these bad memories could be post traumatic stress disorder. Known as PTSD, this condition stems from either directly experiencing or witnessing a horrific event of some kind, such as warfare, abuse, or a tragedy of some kind. This condition causes difficulty functioning for months or years after the event and the symptoms can appear suddenly even after periods of time when you feel normal. As a caregiver, it is important to recognize these symptoms in your loved ones so that you are able to help them through them and do what you can to ensure better mental and emotional health even as they continue to cope with the difficult memories.


According to the Mayo Clinic, common symptoms of PTSD include:

• Recurrent, upsetting memories of the event that you cannot get out of your mind

• Flashbacks that make you feel like you are reliving the event

• Nightmares about the event

• Severe upset or even physical reactions to things around you that remind you of the incident

• Going to extreme measures to try to avoid anything that will remind you of the event, including talking about it

• Avoiding going places or being with people who were involved in the event or would be related to the event, such as a museum with an exhibit about the war

• Pervasive negative thought

• Difficulty feeling or expressing anything positive

• Feeling distance in once close relationships

• Feeling no hope or positivity about the future

• Memory challenges, including not being able to recall details about the incident

• Jumpiness or a sense of being frightened easily

• Always feeling in danger

• Falling into patterns of self-destructive behavior such as excessive drinking or overuse of medications


It is important to realize that while most of the time the symptoms of PTSD appear within the first three months of the traumatic event, they could appear several years later as a response to a sudden reminder of the event. If you notice that your aging parents are expressing symptoms of PTSD, whether they have had these symptoms before or they are new, and you are concerned that they are making a negative impact on their mental, emotional, or physical health and functioning, get in touch with their doctor to discuss the symptoms and what can be done to help them get through this difficult situation.

Some ways that you can help your seniors with their symptoms include:

• Have them talk to you about the issue so that you can understand what is frightening them

• Be there for them to offer support and encouragement so that they can work through their emotions in a healthy way

• Help them deal with their anxiety with coping mechanisms such as doing a craft, going on a walk, listening to music, or going on an outing.


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