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Pursuing Important Nutritional Goals in Your Caregiver Journey with Your Loved Ones

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caregivers in albuquerque nmWith so many dietary recommendations around it can be extremely confusing trying to figure out what your loved ones actually need and to be confident that you are doing what you need to in your caregiver journey to make sure that your seniors are meeting their nutritional goals. Breaking down these goals into the important nutrients that your loved ones need and having strategies that support them in getting these nutrients in the proper amounts on a daily basis can help you to feel more in control and allow you to get your seniors involved in making decisions and creating dietary approaches that will protect their health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Though there are many nutrients that your parents’ bodies need on a daily basis, some are more difficult for many seniors to get than others. Among those that seniors are commonly lacking are protein and dietary fiber. Though not technically a nutrient, hydration is also something that is absolutely vital to your parents’ health and wellbeing, but that they may not be getting enough of on a daily basis.


Use some of these strategies to help you pursue important nutritional goals for your parents during your caregiver journey with them:

  • Know the guidelines. You cannot really expect to be able to create an effective dietary approach if you do not know the nutrition guidelines appropriate for your parents. Talk to their doctor and find out how much of each of these needed elements you should work toward including in their diet on a daily basis so that you can better evaluate the diet that you already serve them and make meaningful modifications to improve their nutrition
  • Know what counts. There is a lot of misconception about where nutrients and hydration have to come from in order to “count” nutritionally. The truth is, getting these nutrients and hydration from a variety of sources is absolutely fine as long as your parents are actually getting them. For example, may people do not realize that there is protein in far more food sources that just meat, beans, and nuts. You can also find protein in vegetables and grains. As for hydration, though the general recommendation is around 8 to 9 glasses per day, this does not mean that you can only count the clear, plain water that you drink down each day. You can also count the hydration from tea, decaffeinated coffee, juice, ice pops, fruits and vegetables, soups, and even gelatin desserts
  • Implement strategies. Simple swaps and tricks are the ones that are usually most likely to actually stick, meaning your aging parents are most likely to get benefits from them. Try implementing a few simple strategies a day to work up to better nutrition, such as eating whole grain hot cereal made with milk in the morning rather than plain cereal or toast. This meal offers high quality whole grain dietary fiber as well as protein and a bit of hydration. Keep water bottles in all of your bags and in your car so that they are easily accessible, and bring along high protein snacks wherever you go so when those hunger pangs hit, you have something healthy and satisfying to offer rather than resorting to fast food or convenience options.


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Founder and Director at CareProviders of New Mexico
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