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Dealing with Difficult Seniors or Difficult Days

Senior Care in Santa Fe NM

Some days, it seems like your senior is enjoying life to its fullest, connecting with the family, and planning all kinds of fun activities and events to enjoy. And other days, they are cranky, irritable, Senior-Care-Santa-Fe-NMand sometimes downright grumpy. When they are living at home but receiving senior care, what can a family member do?

  1. Get a sense of their schedule. This may mean talking to their care provider or them so that you are not planning your visits interrupting their rest time. Anyone would be grumpy if their rest was impacted but your senior who loves you isn’t going to complain that you are visiting.
  2. Ask them how they are feeling. Anyone who isn’t feeling well, physically, mentally or emotionally is going to be irritable. Pain, discomfort or sadness can all have concrete physical and emotional responses. And perhaps their behavior is more than just a mood. Perhaps it’s a symptom that should not be ignored. So find out if anything hurts.
  3. Find out if they are eating and drinking enough. When seniors are living on their own, mealtime is not as much of a planned event as it was and some may “forget” to eat or drink. If they don’t really have a handle on what and how much nutrition and hydration they are getting you may want to encourage them to use a food tracker to increase their awareness of what and how much they are eating and drinking. While a plain old notebook might do for some, other more tech-savvy seniors may enjoy using a solution like the My Fitness Pal app, which does all the calorie calculations based on the information you put in about what you eat and drink.
  4. Talk to them about their sleep habits. Again, overtired seniors have every right and every reason to be cranky. And again, there are easy ways to gather this information about them without sitting there night after night watching them. There are a host of fitness trackers on the market today that don’t only measure levels of activity but also manage to identify and register sleep patterns and histories.
  5. Are they moving enough? Believe it or not, the more active a senior can be, the better their mood and overall attitude. Again, that fitness tracker can provide critical information.

By talking, and listening to your senior, gathering information, and by then perhaps bringing that information to the attention of their doctor, you can help them figure out whether they are just having a bad day or if something is going on that needs to be addressed.

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Ron Baca, Founder and Director

Founder and Director at CareProviders of New Mexico
Ron founded CareProvidersTM New Mexico after several life-changing events lead him to consolidate his professional, academic, and personal caregiving experience into a new transformative in-home care enterprise. Ron learned firsthand with his own family the challenges of navigating today’s health care maze. But it was as primary caregiver to his parents both aging in place until 96 years of age that he realized his past provided the perfect foundation for creating a new kind of in-home care company. Welcome to CareProviders New Mexico!