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Elder Care Tips: Traveling With Someone Who Has Hearing Loss

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Elder Care Albuquerque NMWhether traveling by plane, train, or vehicle, making it to your destination after hours of traveling can be a nerve-racking experience. This experience can become even more stressful when your travel plans include a loved one with a hearing disability. Since many of these people have hearing aids or cochlear implants, it is especially important that your loved one is prepared while away from the comforts of their in-home care, where all of their devices and other health items are stored. To help make yours and your loved one’s trip enjoyable, here is some tips to keep your travel plans running as smooth as possible.

  • Keep all equipment in one bag. If your method of transportation is an airplane, there is a possibility that bags can get lost. To ensure that their hearing equipment and additional batteries are not among those bags that become misplaced, keep all equipment in a carry-on bag that will stay with them at all times. Any other valuables should also be stored in this bag for safe keeping.
  • Bring extras. During all of the fun that comes from vacations, the hearing aid may run out of batteries or not work properly. Pack plenty of batteries, extra hearing aids, wax guards, and the wire and brush needed to clean the hearing aid. Elders who use cochlear implants may also need extras, so make sure you have an additional T-mic, ear hook, and/or spare cochlear implant. If one of these pieces go missing, it could take days to receive a new one because it has to go through the manufacturer, so make sure you are prepared for your trip by bringing extras.
  • Keep the device dry. Especially when visiting warm climates, your loved one may want to go for a swim. Bring a small carrying case to keep their hearing aid safe and dry. If the elder plans on doing any other physical activity, such as tennis, sweat can be dangerous to the device, so keep it in the carrying case while they participate in these activities. A Dri-Aid can also be used to keep the hearing aid dry while your loved one sleeps.
  • Avoid sand. Do you plan on spending a day at the beach during your trip? Keep in mind that sand and saltwater can quickly end the life of a hearing aid, so either keep the device at home or have your loved one cover it with a hat.
  • Bring a Bluetooth. Before leaving your neighborhood, state, or even country, make sure your cell phone is also prepared for the trip by switching on the telecoil before using the phone or any other setting that will help your loved one easily use their cell phone away from home. Using a Bluetooth that is provided by the manufacturer of the hearing aid may also be able to allow the elder to listen to books or music on their phone. Just do not forget to bring a charger.
  • Wear the device as much as possible. By having your loved one wear their hearing device frequently throughout the vacation, there is less of a chance they will lose it. This is especially true when traveling through airports or train stations.

Traveling with someone who receives senior care can be a challenge, especially if they have hearing loss. These tips should make your travels much easier.

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